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Fiscal Conservatism and Blame the Left
posted Jul 26, 2004 at 04:11AM

Since you like Harper's "fiscal conservatism" (spend & borrow Reagan doctrine) then you ought to be in favour of higher airport fees, water meters, and toll roads to pay your freight for public infrastructure. Funny, that never seems to come up. Isn't it "personal responsibility" to pay your own way if you want big tax cuts?

While you're at it, how about acknowledging Reagan-lapdog Mulroney as the ultimate demise of the PC's which lead to the creation of the Reform Party. And remember that Preston Manning was trying to head off a western separation movement as Mulroney was seen as a betrayer to their causes. Clark was a minor sideshow in that fight. Clark also stepped aside, again, when the PC's wanted him out recently, setting up McKay as the leader who lead the PC's into merger oblivion. That wasn't Clark's move and you should know that as it's pretty recent history. But no, let's not let FACTS fuddle ideology that demands all problems be blamed on the "left."

As for different points of view, you have the right to believe the moon is made of green cheese -- it just doesn't happen to make it true. Point of fact, Chretien wasted a lot of money, but Martin saw to it that we could actually afford it without blowing the budget. Martin also brought in big tax cuts a few years ago, which you apparently have already forgotten -- maybe because his tax reform didn't blow the budget like Bush has and lay yet more debt on your kids' future grandchildren.

If Harper wants to stride atop a helicopter carrier (aka Bush) , the least he can do is make sure he can pay for it in CASH, so he doesn't mortgage the country for his short-term political pleasure -- but that would take true leadership.

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