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Letter to Joe Duarte
posted Mar 4, 2004 at 02:22PM

I notice you were at great pains to mention that your writings are meant to be non-political...but that is hard to swallow when in the very next line you describe Kerry's criticism's as "rants"....the usual by-line used by neo-conservative apologists when they hear something that doesn't fit their ideology....

The Republicans have been wrong in every way one can be wrong on Iraq, or do you believe those stones being hurled at US soldiers are flowers?
The operations in Afghanistan and Iraq are text book examples of incompetency...huge opportunities to show the Muslim world why the West is better have been completely squandered

But go ahead..defend George Bush....personally I wouldn't hire him to seperate red pens from blue pens...but I got rich going into gold the day he got appointed
If he gets reelected I am sure I will do very nicely shorting the markets .
Bush's legacy will be a nation destroying debt-load and a loss of credibility that will last decades

The response,

"To the writer, we say thank you for taking the time to let us know how you feel.

But, the analysis stands. If it were Kerry in the White House and Bush challenging under the same circumstances, and Kerry was moving with the same apparent strategy, we would have written the same article. That

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