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Are Stocks a Buy?
posted Sep 6, 2004 at 08:55PM

As you would figure for someone who has been spouting the "paper=death" mantra I have not been too keen on equities this year.

And yet I keep coming across more signs that it may be time to loosen purse strings and have been dipping the waters with short term trades that have been working out OK.

Three articles I have come across that make you go hmmm...

Chart Spotlight by Carl Swenlin

Taylor on the Markets

Turning Points by Andre Gratian

The Trend by Sol Palha and Alan Lunt

Not that I will throw caution to winds and become a raging bull...I am a believer in tight stops here and taking profits as they arrive...and am not going for long term home runs at this time...the potential for deflationary induced down trends remains high...but all in all, a little reminder not to get locked too tightly into any certain mindset....

Good trading

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