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Open Letter to Rick Ackerman
posted Sep 18, 2004 at 12:06AM

Mr. Ackerman,

I enjoy reading your articles on 321gold and think you are bang on with warning people about the potential dangers of deflation.

However you need to be more precise in your use of political terms. In a recent commentary you wrote the following,

"Today deflation would be catastrophic, as the underlying structure is much weaker in so many ways. Example: Our entire tool industry is now in Taiwan or elsewhere. Yes, the liberals would have you believe we don't need any of that 'old' economy. I hope they are the first to starve in the coming collapse. A used Troybilt Roto-Tiller will be more valuable than an SUV or a liberal! And very likely my assault rifle, too."

Wake up! The outsourcing of manufacturing and other industries is strictly according to the neo conservative scripture inaugurated by American demi-god Ronald Reagan.

Yes sure, if you go back a few hundred years this kind of economic thinking (exporting jobs is good, deficits don't matter) would be contained under the word "liberalism."

But today in America, the word "liberal" is eternally connected with the Left. but it is only the Left that from the outset, have stated that outsourcing of entire industries would set the US on the path to ruin.

Only in America is "liberal" such a dirty word -- believe me when the US starts going belly up, it will not be because of liberals, but because of social conservatives who have convinced an idiotic populace that they have direct two-way conversations with God. Too many Americans are under the illusion that prayer and going to church are what made America a super-power. They are in for the shock of their fucking lives.

I really do hope that the neo-conservatives and the bible thumpers do succeed in their attempts to deify Ronald Reagan as the Messiah of the right wing Creed, by putting his face on $10 dollar bills.

Because of him, a roll of $10 bills will be worth as much as a roll of Charmin, and used for the same purpose. Poetic justice and a fitting long term reminder of the folly that is Republican money management.

Of course the very same people who think that it is a great idea to have Florida police at hurricane shelter exits, to make sure guys can't go out for a smoke, or to waste time chasing down surfers who wanted to catch a wave, are the same ones who ensured that any idiot, not just you, has the right to pick up a military assault rife with front-line ammunition.

They are the very same people who are working hard to make sure that you will have ample opportunity to use those rifles. Rest assured when I say that the glamour of firing shots in anger has been very overstated. As much as you may have John Wayne visions of bravely shooting intruders coming in through the front door... it is more likely in that kind of world that you would get shot in the back while taking out the garbage by some punk who couldn't even spell the word "index" much less figure out what direction it is going to go in.

Bullet Bullet Bullet