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Should Kerry Apoligize?
posted Mar 11, 2004 at 02:16PM

I just had to crack up. Wolf Blitzer nodded his head like a mechanical chi wa wa as Republican smeared Clinton calling him a rapist and a murderer. Republican talking heads have accused FDR as a traitor. Right wing talk radio espouse one lie after another Anyone who does not toe the neoconservative line is branded as an Osama Bin Laden sympathizer.

Now reporters are providing a shoulder to cry on as Republican campaign staff are crying hoo...the same bunch that were willing to shut down, if not overthrow the government to get Clinton out of office over diddling the hired help...the same bunch that were ready to smear the electoral college system and (shades of Venezuela and Haiti) who were none too subtle about threatening violence to get their way during the Florida re-count fiasco (where NOT counting votes was deemed the "democratic" thing to do)

Even as Bush entered the White House, they accused Clinton staff of sabotaging office equipment...which the investigation showed to be false, completely without merit. An omen of things to come. When you consider all their campaign promises is there ANYTHING that the Bush administration has not lied about?

From basing economic policies on non-existent documents, to starting a war over non-existent weapons, bush's administration has been totally based on warping reality, i.e. the truth, to fit their neo-conservative ideology. The results speak for themselves. America is a mess teetering on the edge of the abyss.

Tell me Wolf...why would the Bush administration refuse to hand over documents to the 9-11 unless they had something to hide. Why would you NOT want an audit paper trail for E-voting unless you wanted to ensure that the system remained vulnerable to manipulation, all the more pertinent as the provider of the equipment is on record as saying that he will "do anything possible to make sure Bush gets back in the White House".

Why would you not release the names of those people placed on the no-fly list, unless you didn't want to show that most names were of people who have no connection to terrorist activities but are critical of the government. In other words unless you did not want to see that the Patriot Act was already being used as an instrument to stifle political opposition>

Why would you not want to release the names of Enron officials that were consulted in determining energy policy unless there was something deeply disturbing to reveal. And tell me why did Bush invite a delegation of the Taliban while he was governor of Texas.

For a profession that supposedly saw the work uncovering the Watergate scandal as the high-point of investigative journalism, today's reporters have a shocking inability to sniff a story. The Bush administration has produced a dozen such opportunities, and not a few that make Watergate look like the actions of mischievous boys.

The Republicans and their media lackeys are just trying to force him into the same mistake Dean made. Apologizing for being right.

Should Kerry apologize? Absolutely not. They ARE liars. It IS scary.

What is even more scary is a supposedly "free" media being manned by a gang of castrated imbeciles.

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