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A New Definition For Ludricous?
posted Feb 24, 2004 at 12:05AM

Dear Editor,

A new definition for ludicrous? That what I was thinking when I heard Frank Rich's latest performance on CNN's "Reliable Sources", a fat bland white guy describing Howard Dean as a "bland white guy".

Howard Dean who from the second he drove audiences to a frenzy by saying "I represent the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party" has come from nowhere to be the front running candidate for the nomination. Howard Dean who could step on any street corner in America and generate crowds of thousands. Howard Dean with his Sleepless Summer Tour and Generation Dean video and army of DeanHeads and Deaniacs.

The fact is that Howard Dean has been blowing the socks off people for the past two years and Frank Rich didn't foresee it, didn't participate in it and currently still doesn't understand it and thus finds himself trying to marginalize what is going on

He falls back on what is already tired ground...ooooogh Dean gets angry... and we just can't have that can we? Yes Dean is angry...and there is much to be angry about. Look at the Iraq mess the US finds itself in. Dean is the only politician with the courage to question America's rationale for embarking on this expedition.

And? It is becoming ever more apparent the Bush and neo-conservative rationale for going to war had no connection with reality, but was completely manufactured to support a course of action that was decided upon and documented even before Bush was elected.

Of course what the means, is that for the ruling Republicans the collapse of the World Trade Center was not a tragic event, but the perfect pretext for ideological policy imperatives. It means that the iconic use of NY fireman by Republicans has been trivialized to the status of propaganda posters. Think about it...Rumsfeld (according to Time) changed targeting priorities in Iraq only hours after the towers them the people who died under those towers were not a tragedy..but a golden "opportunity"

So yes Dean is angry...the real question is why isn't Frank Rich?

Bullet Bullet Bullet