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When You Can't Call A Spade A Spade
posted Sep 24, 2004 at 01:02PM

Dear Editor,

How convenient. Any criticism of the ongoing catastrophe is seen as abetting the enemy. What is that saying? "Patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels".

As if everyone has to ignore the fact that the Iraq campaign has been nothing more than one continuous catastrophe. The neo-conservative running this war have broken every principle of war ever written, all because they don't fit ideological imperatives. Have no doubt that in the next edition of "The March to Folly" that this gang will be on prominent display.

The Bush camp do not even have a clue of who they are fighting. As Scott Taylor (Canadian), a recently released military journalist, told TV Ontario, "The Americans are blind.." (See for further description) The plain fact is that Keryy is right...Bush is living in a fantasy land, scripted by an ideology that does not have the ability to look at reality in any kind of objective manner

The reality is that the Bush adminsistration, and most of the US media ( who seem to have their lips snugly encircling the Republican phallus) are so far "behind the curve" they can't even see it.

And excuse me one of the great characteristics which made Western Society such a towering accomplishment, was a citizen's DUTY, to criticize ourselves so that we can do things better. It is one of the chief differences between our society and the fundamentlists we are fighting.

Indeed when I guage America's progress on the war...I ask myself: Is the Middle East becoming more and more like a liberal secular society? or is American becoming more and more like a religious theocracy?

The plain truth is that America is losing this war in every way it can be lost, all the while the majority of the US media, who have thier thumbs firmly up thier asses, are trying to spin Bush into another four years

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