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Missing The Point On Spain
posted Mar 16, 2004 at 02:56PM

Dear Editor,

American media are missing the point on the Spanish elections. It was not
the fact that they received a terrorist attack that was the cause for the
incumbent party to get turfed. It was the fact that the government, from
the outset of the attack, tried to pin the blame on ETA, in other words
tried to make events fit idelogical imperatives. When the facts started
coming out and reality started asserting itself, the backlash was

The Spaniards instinctively understand that a party that cannot deal with
reality as it is, is not fit to govern a nation.

This is is shart contrast to US journalism, who in the face of an
unrelenting stream of proof, cannot accept the fact that the Bush
administration has been misleading the world in order to execute
long-standing idealogical policy imperatives and then defending the disaterous results which have ensued.

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