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Media Butt Monkeys
posted Feb 24, 2004 at 12:09AM

Dear Editor,

Everyone jumped on Dean for simply stating the obvious - the capture of Saddam did nothing to improve America's security. And what have we seen in the immediate aftermath of all this criticism? Heightened security alerts , canceled international flights and no change in American soldiers getting maimed and killed. Talk about disconnected from reality

Dean seems to be the only politician to see things as they are, not as interpreted through the rose-colored prism of ideology, or the media's infantile nationalistic boosterism. Dean was right and everyone else was wrong.

I can understand the neo-conservatives wanting to make a big deal of it. After all, US policy towards Iraq has been completely controlled by them ever since Thatcher convinced Bush Sr that Kuwait was worth fighting a war over.

Let us take a quick look at the ledger.

On one side we have two wars, an unending occupation, thousands of soldiers killed and wounded, a trillion dollars sucked out taxpayers pockets and oh yes, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, who, through American bombs and sanctions, won't get to be "liberated".

On the other we get footage of Saddam getting free dental healthcare. For the neocons this was supposed to be the big pay-off. It should be obvious to anyone who ever put on a uniform that even a defense budget of a trillion dollars a year cannot overcome neo-conservative's innate incompetency to waging wars, much less achieving foregn policy objectives.

So why is the press all up at arms when Dean questions the fact that the numbers don't add up and that a new approach might get better results. Why do they question Dean's foreign policy credentitlals and wax praise on Bush, a man who didn't even know the name of Canada's prime minister when he was running, and whose entire term has been nothing but one foreign relations disaster after another.

There was a time when the American "free" press was filled with talented writers, curmudgeons all, who would have been insulted simply being fed the pablum and bromides being spewed by the Bush adminsitration, much less pass it on as unquestioned truth. .

And yet today we have a situation where even though everyone elso on the planet knows that Saddam had nothing to do with 9-11, 60% of Americans believe him to be the perpetrator.

Isn't the American media even embarrassed that their own populace is so poorly informed?

I can only speculate that the current situation exists for one of two reasons.

1) American media workers have been selectively bred to display both the photogenic and mental qualities of Ken and Barbie dolls, or

2) they are flaming liberals, who are championing sexual diveristy by giving daily demonstrations on how to be the right wing's butt monkeys

Bullet Bullet Bullet