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Some Notes To Self
posted Feb 2, 2005 at 11:36PM

Still in bearish alignment. Wait for a break of moving average resistance and/or trend-line resistance break.

Can go either way. From a pure chart perpective I see one more wave down before a meaningful rally takes place.

My biggest weakness is not letting winners run. Now overbought so I sold. From EWA perspective a short pull-back and one more leg up can be expected before a more meaningful correction.

Was expecting one more move back up but took my profits when it broke trend-line support.

My one buy and hold experiment. Looks OK in the short-term but probably needs a catalyst to really get going. Story centers around land holdings.

A bounce play. This is not a stock to buy and hold. This has been a nice volatile trading stock. Picked some up today.

Stops de rigeur.

Bullet Bullet Bullet