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911 Inquiry And Media Memory
posted Mar 23, 2004 at 11:55PM

Dear Editor,

It appears to me that media have a disturbing lack of memory in accepting the Bush administrations declarations that they were on top of the terrorist threat prior to 9/11.

But let us recall their first year of foreign policy. On 1 April 2001 the price of gold bottomed on the exact date that the American spy plane crashed in China. What should have been a minor, slightly embarrassing affair got blown up into a major international incident. What the world saw of the new team was an almost infantile indignation. It's was had to wonder how they would have reacted if a CHINESE spy plane landed in North Carolina

Even as they were reviving cold war rhetoric with China...another more telling sign that the new administration was totally out of the loop was their constant lecturing of Russia and their overly harsh tactics in dealing with Islamic fundamentalists. Again another hilarious example of cold war ideology not matching reality of circumstance.

Then of course there is Condolizza Rice, who after 9-11, exclaimed ,

"Who could have imagined, who could have IMAGINED, that people would use AIRPLANES as MISSILES??!!"

And yet only that previous summer the newspapers were filled with reports on how European intelligence had uncovered Islamic plots to hijack airplanes and crash them into the Eiffel Tower

Like duuuh? I guess we know why she won't testify under oath

Even more telling was the fact as Governor of Texas invited a delegation of Taliban (as reported by Gloria Steinam writing for CNN)...and why would you do that unless you thought these were chaps you could business with. And of course, Haliburton, under Cheney, DID do contract work in Afghanistan

And then there is the fact that when Clinton tried to bring in a bill strengthening airport security the Republicans shot it down. When Clinton fired cruise missiles at OBL, the Republicans cried that this was distracting from the Lewinski affair.

I am just an average joe, reasonably well read, but just a "guy" and I know this. You people are supposed to be the professionals, completely plugged in, but you act like this is the first day on the job.

Of course the Bush administration completely discounted the threat of Islamic fundamentalist terrorists. Of course their attention was focused on ideological imperatives from the cold war to regime change in Iraq, even as reality was passing them by. Of course this last war was based on completely false pretenses.

The reality is that the Bush administration is the most incompetent, narrowly ideological administration in America's history. Just think of where you stood in the world three years ago..and where you stand now.

Bullet Bullet Bullet