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Intelligence Note # 1
posted Mar 8, 2005 at 01:10AM

So here you have an American command post in Iraq. They possess the most ultra high tech command and control information systems devised by man. I mean they are plugged into the digital battlefield. They see all.

Meanwhile a John Elway heave down the road a check-point is being manned by ex-Communist but now starved for US capital, Bulgarian army troops. The Bulgarians see a car they don't much like the look of, and start shooting it up.

Hearing the sounds of gun-fire the Americans spring into action. Locating the sound of fire they immediately start laying down the tracer, sending 7.62 mm thank-you notes to fellow members of the "coalition of the willing". No report of what happened to the initial vehicle being shot at though.

At almost the same time we have a hard-core communist journalist who has been kidnaped by insurgents. She is being released due to a $6 million dollar ransom being paid by an uber right wing neoconservative mafia type, posing as an Italian prime minister. On her way to the airport and on the cusp freedom, an American tank crew decides to apply first aid via coaxial machine gun fire....Oops.

On one level these keystonian farces are the stuff of black comedy found in all wars. At the same time they are indicative of the mental state of coalition forces in Iraq. They are very "tight in their skins" and ready to blow holes into anything more threatening than shadows. A comment made by Scott Taylor, a Canadian military journalist, after his release from a kidnapping a few months ago comes to mind - "The Americans are blind."

Under the guise of objective analysis, neoconservative apologists like those from like to put out the spin that Bush regime has things well in hand. The reality is very different. The above seemingly minor incidents are symptomatic of a military that is working through a very precarious, near impossible situation, and is hanging on by their fingernails.

Indeed the only Iraqi group riding high are the Shiites who now have political power in the newly elected assembly. By religion and culture they are natural allies to Iran - yes that Iran who are next on the neoconservative hit list. There is little downside from a Shiite perspective. Americans are dying, Sunnis are dying, and they are being put into power by their cultural arch-enemies.

Allah and God must be shitting themselves with laughter.

Bullet Bullet Bullet