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Pumping Energy Penny Stocks
posted Apr 13, 2005 at 01:05AM

Some speculative energy plays for your consideration. I own positions in all with the green arrows denoting entry points.

As you know the energy sector is hardly a contrarian play at this point, and indeed oil may (or may not) consolidate to long term trend-line support ($40-$45) However I do like the long term prospects for fundamental reasons and one can't forget that the summer bombing season is approaching.

The low hanging fruit has been picked and thus my interest in more riskier names. Connacher is my favourite, or my choice for best prospects, but all have "hope".

I am too lazy to plug in the links at this time, but if you "google" the names you will get the links to respective company web-sites, if there is anything that piques your interst.

As always, caveat emptor.

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