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Wolf Blitzer
posted Jun 3, 2005 at 05:39PM

It would be very nice to see Wolf Blitzer to be as agressive when interviewing Republicans. With Howard Dean we see Wolf nit-picking like some lawyer on semantics. However when interviewing the GOP facts like a war based on lies, the Enron board of directors now holding hige postions in government, the obvioous corruption of Delay, Bush's refusal to show up for military duty (yeagh "that" memo may have been a plant but the secrtary in question did say that although she did not write that particular one, she did write another that said the same thing)

You have the head of MI6, the head of US counter-terrorism and Treasury Seceterary, with documented evidence, stating that the Bush adminsitration, twisted reality to fullfill neoconcervative policy objective (indvade Iraq) and Blitxer just schloufs it off.

There are a dozen watergates out there for the offing but with Newsweek's latest capitualtion, the resignation of CNN's program director, as well as Dan Rather, it is obvious that the US fourth estate is indeed little more than a republican fifth column

Cowards die a thousand deaths

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