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There Has Got To Be A More Expensive Way
posted Apr 5, 2004 at 07:54PM

Given that the neocons have consistently stated that they had more than
enough troops on the ground, that they were ready to "go it alone" without
the British, it is hilarious to hear that they have to hire out thousands
of "private contractors" to do jobs like convoy escort or guard duty.
All of these within the capablilites of your basic soldier who has already
been trained and costs one tenth as much.

Indeed given that the majority of these private contractors cost more than
the commanding generals in theatre one has to ask if the Bush motto is
"there has got to be a more expensive way".

In the context of cuts in danger pay to soldiers and cuts to veterans, and
a 400 billion defence budget, paying these contractor salaries for jobs
that are within the terms of reference of US military forces, is nothing
more than the most corruptive pork barreling.

Of course the neo-conservatives are more than willing to add to the US debt
if it keeps them from admitting that they grossly minimized the number of
troops required in order to better sell an adventure which has been an
ethical and political fiasco from day one.

And what pray tell wil be the result if the Shiittes rise up in armed
rebellion like the way they did against Saddam? Mass graves.

New boss....same as the old boss.

Bullet Bullet Bullet