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Letter to CNN's Reliable Sources
posted Jul 3, 2005 at 12:07PM

Robert Novak is not going to jail because he is a right wing neoconservative apoligist. He was doing his duty, following his marching orders, when he printed that story whose true purpose was to punish people who provided further documented proof, that the neoconservative basis and justificication for their war had no connection to reality.

The utter capitulation of Newsweek, and now Time, so poignantly timed with recent Watergate coverage, show that American media deserve to be nothing more than highly paid prostitutes. No doubt you people used to snicker at the reporters from Pravda from being little more than a regime's fifth column.

Well look in a mirror buddy. Your country is becoing a theological/facist state and you are all just standing around with your thumbs up your butt. Unless you quickly regain the ability to really look at reality from some kind of ethical grid, you will all have to start inserting green lights between your legs, with the remote controls handled by your neoconservative masters.

I have nothing but contempt for all of you

Thomas DeChastelain
Ottawa, Ontario

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