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Nit-Picking in Extremus
posted Apr 27, 2004 at 05:44AM

As an outsider looking in I cannot help but shudder at the deteriorating
mental health of America. Case in point is the attention being paid to
Republican nit-picking over one of Kerry's Purple Hearts, a man who has
THREE Purple Hearts to go along with a Silver Star.

Compare that to George Bush whose record showed that he would rather lick
stamps supporting a political campaign rather than fly fighter a
champagne squadron.

By any standards of conventional masculinity this alone says that Bush is
not made of the "right stuff" The fact that most Americans see Bush as a
greater war leader than either McCain or Kerry just reinforces my belief,
that at their core, Americans are deeply stupid.

John Raulston Saul wrote that when a nation can no longer distinguish
between reality and illusion, they are at the tail end of their existence,
and are ripe for replacement. And that is exactly the situation that
America finds itself.

The purpose of a free press, the free press described in your constitution,
is of course to act as a critical reflection of your selves, to distinguish
between illusion and reality, between spin and fact.

I mean how can you take this neo con bullshit with a straight face? Isn't
it embarrassing to come off looking so idiotic?

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