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Re: Survey Question on CNN DayBreak - Fight or Talk
posted Apr 28, 2004 at 06:21AM

Re: Survey Question on CNN DayBreak - Fight or Talk

I find the whole question of wether the US should fight or talk to be
ludicrous. I mean what? The US went to war with Iraq. When the war was
over they bombed and starved then for ten years and then for good measure
went to war again. Do you think anybody in Iraq, can seriously consider
that the Americans are now suddenly ready to "talk"?

So of course they have to fight. To pacify Fallujah the US is going to
have to kill thousands and create mass graves that would make Saddam proud.
No doubt the Bush administration will crow about how Fallujah is now
"liberated" and ready for US style democracy.

And of course the bright lights at CNN will again be so confused when
everyone else in the world thinks the US is being driven by a ship of

Bullet Bullet Bullet