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Juat A Quick Disclosure Note
posted Sep 13, 2005 at 09:20PM

Ihad highligted the stock awhile back as a potentially good speculative stock. I had picked up a boatload at .08. They still have some stuff going for them but their latest drill results were hardly awe-inspiring, depite claims to be "economical". In my mind it is not the stuff of frenzy.

I am actually now holding very little gold even though I maintain a bullish outlook. The impulse to take profits seems hard to overcome

A year ago I also brought up CLL which has been the only stock to remain held in my buy and hold campaign. It has worked out very nicely. A short while back they came out with a reserve report which was very awe-inspiring and went through a violent revaluation surge. It appears to be going through a nice bullish pennant consolidation.
As I said the fundamentals of the company appear so strong, to my layman's eyes they have convnced me to actually sweat out the retracements.

Buy and hold...with the right vehicle, IS the way to do this.

There has been huge volume on the stock and I would say that the whole float has been recyled. I see no reason to sell at this point. As long as there is no global melt-down and oil prices remain solid then I still see good things for this stock.

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