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Comparing Bush and McCain
posted Feb 24, 2004 at 12:21AM

Dear Editor,

It is amazing to see the difference between British Prime Minister Blair and Bush Jr. When Blair visits the troops, he does so under the full light of day - whereas Bush has to sneak in like a thief in the night...long enough only to get a picture of him holding a plastic turkey for pubic consumption at home.

Let's face it, the only reason Bush Jr. even showed up because Karl Rove and the remainder of the neoconservative brain trust could not stand the concept of that Female Anti-Christ , Hillary Clinton mixing with soldiers in Afghanistan while the puppet Commander-In-Chief was in Crawford Texas, resting his weary psyche and stuffing his face with turkey.

One begins to understand now why Bush Jr. never showed up for his National Guard duty assignment during the Vietnam War - he was afraid to, And not all the documentaries describing the father's war exploits is sufficient to weave an illusion over that harsh reality.

How Republicans, the so called home of American conservatism, could choose Bush over McCain is beyond me. McCain displayed that key ingredient of conservative belief in that he believed in the welfare of the group over the welfare of any individual, and he exercised that belief under the most difficult circumstances in a Vietnamese prison camp.

Bush on the other hand was AWOL and got away with it having been born with one of the planet's largest silver spoons in his mouth. His entire history is nothing more than a record of a man with little talent using nepotism to put himself in front of other people's cash flows and of course exiting before things collapsed. No surprise to me that Enron's board was stuffed with a who's who of the Republican hierarchy.. Bush's only independent accomplishments? Drugs followed by finding Jesus at the end of a bottle.

The bitter truth is that the Republicans are not conservatives: indeed actively works against everything a common sense conservative would see as good and necessary for a thriving complex society. They have perverted conservative principles into a linear system logic completely detached from any ethical reality and revolves around the betterment of the undeserving few, at the expense of the nation's welfare.

Macho talk and standing with thumbs turned in is not enough to make a man.

Bullet Bullet Bullet