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Intelligence Note #3
posted Sep 26, 2005 at 09:35PM

I came across this information shortly after Katrina hit New Orleans. At the time I was wondering what military assets were closeby. What I found got me thinking about Iran. Anyways on the Kitco forum some chap was very impressed that the whole 101st Airborne Division was on it's way to Iraq.

That is nothing!

The following US front line units are currently in Iraq or are on thier way.

Heavy Forces

1st Armoured Division
3rd Armour Cavalry Regiment

4th Infantry Division (Mechanized)
3rd Infantry Division (Mechanized)
1 Brigade 1st Infantry Division (Mechanized)

Mobile Forces

101st Airborne Division
10th Mountain Division
172 Infantry Brigade (XVIII Airborne Corps)
1 Brigade 2nd Infantry Division

Source: Global Security.Org

All in all a very impressive, and very balanced force. By coincidence, it is also the kind of force structure you would put together to secure a route through mountainous terrain, and then blast through with armour and heavy infantry - the goal being the securing of oil fields. Hey they can't turn the taps off if you control them, unless of course the Iranians already have them set to blow.

All just speculation of course. Given the problems in Iraq the whole concept of a land campaign in Iran strikes me as fantastical. But then trying to turn religious fundamentalists into liberal democrats was an obvious non-starter, and it sure didn't stop them from marching into that folly.

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