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Bush and the Art of War
posted Feb 24, 2004 at 12:27AM

(This was one of a series of letters written in support of Howard Dean between Jan and Feb 2004...they do not necessarily appear in the order that I wrote them)

Dear Editor,

It is one of the great misconceptions among Americans that an enthusiasm for going to war automatically confers with it the competency to wage it. It is not true and woe to the populace that makes that fatal error.

Consider the following excerpts from Sun Tzu's "Art of War",

"In war let your object be victory - not lengthy campaigns"

"supreme excellence [in war] consists of breaking the enemies resistance without fighting"

" though we have heard of stupid haste in war, cleverness has never been seen associated with long delays. In all history, there is no instance of a country having benefited from prolonged warfare. Only one who knows the disastrous effects of a long war can realize the supreme importance of rapidity in bringing it to a close.. It is only one who is thoroughly acquainted with evils of war who can thoroughly understand the profitable way of carrying it on."

Quite the opposite to the situation which America now finds itself.

Bush's military record consists of not showing up to his duty assignment during the Vietnam War. In most armies this is considered being AWOL.

His neo-conservative advisors invariably look at war as an ideological abstraction. A ten year old playing "Risk" would have a better feel for what is happening on the ground.

Indeed if America truly was a warrior nation, a country that understood war, then the concept of these men intentionally, purposely leading them on a never ending war would be greeted with the certainty that the ship was being driven by fools.

What is truly astounding is that Howard Dan, the only politician who consistently argued against this "stupid waste" to go to war is being painted not as being prudent or cautious (i.e. "Conservative") but as a vein popping "extremist".

In closing Sun Tzu writes, "war is a road to safety or to ruin". Unless the citizens of America give themselves a wake-up call and vote themelves in some adult supervision, there should be no doubt what path they are currently on.

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