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Letter to Bravo TV on Project Runway program
posted Jan 10, 2006 at 05:07AM

While channel surfing we came across your show. You should spend more air time actually showing the clothes or the making therof...much better than listening to some blonde repeating "one of you will win, two of you will go"
a couple of dozen times. this kind of fake drama is insulting to your audience.

As far as selection oh please. That dress with the magnets was the ugliest piece of clothing of the lot. There is not a woman on earth who would wear that dress, much less actually pay for it.

You know some of the greatest hit songs were written in five minutes, in the bathroom. The fact that you kicked some one off the show because they knocked out a stunning dress in 8 hours instead of slaving over it for a
week, just shows you care nothing for the design, or the person's talent...but instead are looking for people you can treat like sweat shop chattel.

What a waste of everyone's time.

Bullet Bullet Bullet