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Why are people still undecided?
posted Jan 10, 2006 at 06:05PM

It really is not that hard to see why people are still undecided. Look at the choices they have. One you have the misnamed "Conservative" party whose ideology is little more than plagiarized American neo-conservatisim. We have had a five year demonstration down south of what that means and Canadians understand that America is being hollowed from the inside out and whose culture is descending into almost medieval religious backwardness.

Unlike the US, Canada is not the world's largest consumer market, nor does it own the world reserve currency. Of course you only have to look at Canada's fiscal health the last time neoconservative sympathizers (Mulroney) ran the ship. Of course we are dealing with a party whose idea of "mature sovereignity" is to basically let the US help themselves to whatever they want.

So then you have Martin, who as finace minister, cleaned that mess up, and made sure that we could afford the odd government boondoggle, and has Canada sitting pretty amonst G7 nations. Unlike the rulers down south, he actually fired the people whose fingers were caught in the cookie jars, has tried to purge the party from Chretien cronies, and held a pulbic inquiry. I mean do we give three majorities to the crook and kick out the guy who actually tried to clean it up?

At the same time the Liberals have championed the nanny state, Big Mother - the ultimate busy body. If you actually like to have a smoke with your beer, or have a gun of any kind, then you are probably starting to understand what it was like to be a Negro in 1950's. Mississipi. The problem is that the neo-conservative will not do anything to take away the nanny state...they will use it as an excuse to take away that part of government that actually does help people, and helps build up national wealth.

Yes, so people are undecided. I understand that you guys have whole-hearted swallowed the neo-con Kool-Aid, so this is all beyond you...but what the hell.

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