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Letter to the Ottawa Citizen
posted Jan 22, 2006 at 02:22AM

Your glowing editorial on Stephen Harper starts from a false assumption. You declare that he is a leader of a "Conservative" party. That is not true. Harper is a leader of a neo-conservative party, and those three letters make all the difference in the world. In the end a neo-conservative believes that a society should be organized around the concept of increasing profit margins. They do not care what else gets sacrificed.

You state that the neo-conservatives stand on the ground of "fiscal restraint and individual freedom". You also state "there are barely any vestigial signs of social conservatism".

I can only conclude that the members of your board are either the most naive political observers in the country, or intentionally being misleading. The last five years down south has given Canadians a five-year demonstration of what unrestrained neoconservatism is all about. What the neoconservative have wrought there is a regime of fiscal insanity (spending, borrowing, currency depreciation, and burgeoning debts and deficits.) Of course we also have seen not just the complete trampling of individual rights under the guise of "security", but ongoing attempts to institutionalize this way of thinking. And of course at every turn they are hard at work trying to reintroduce the medieval backwardness of religious fundamenatlism into every sphere of educational, legal and social life.

Neoconservatives took over a country that was in its best shape in two hundred years and are driving it into the ground. Only a blind ideologue would think that Canada will fare any better.

Canada does not have the world's reserve currency. Nor does it have the bargaining power of being the world's largest consumer market. And please Canada could quadruple it's military spending on conventional forces and it would not change the global strategic balance one iota. (Take $3billion a year and get some nuclear weapons and then you have something)

Fiscal restraint? How? Neoconservatives spend more and tax less. Canada, who has the best set of government books in the G8 will soon have the worst. Canada's surplus will be wiped out one year after Harper's first budget. You only have to remember Canada's last experiment with neoconservatism, which was with Brian Mulroney: an experiment that brought Canada to the brink of bankruptcy.

Individual freedom? Oh please. There is nothing in their policy that takes away one element of the intrusive nanny state on Canadians. Of course they will use that same linear logic to restrict individual freedoms under the guise of assuring our "security". At the same time they will start dismantling those elements of government which actually does help people and works to build up national wealth.

Do you really think that Harper's promise not to touch abortion rights is nothing more than short-term political expediency?. Boy did your mother ever raise gullible children. Why don't read your own David Warren, whose column appears directly under your editorial. (Where do dig these dinosaurs up anyways? Is he a reject from botched LSD experiments?).

You try to make a Harper look like a man of the world, a "dignified and cerebral leader."...I have read his biography. Harper is the result of the worst kind of rarified, la-la land, antiseptic WASP suburbia. He has not had a real job in his entire life. He has never lived in the real world. His view of the world is nothing more than an amalgam of slogans plaigarized from right wing neoconservative academics, who dreamed this stuff up in their own ivory tower. I would not hire this man to separate red pens from blue pens.

Even Hitler understood that most adults got their "education" through news papers . The fact that negative nationalist forces like the revamped Reform Party and the Bloc Qu

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