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Kate O'Beirne would do Orwell Proud
posted May 29, 2004 at 07:49PM

Dear Editor,

It just kills me to hear Kate O'Beirne (Capital Gang) talk about criticism against Bush as being a partisan attack. Talk about Orwellian double-speak. Has she ever criticized Bush?...whose entire presidency has been nothing but a serious of catastrophic misjudgment? Kate O'Beirne can believe what she wants to believe - but outside of the fanatical inner circle of neo-conservative cheer leaders, everyone else understands that this administration is a mindless, incompetent unethical morass of failed ideological garbage - that couldn't orchestrate a parade to an outhouse in a diarreaha epidemic.

The maturity and personality of this group of failure magnets is identical to that of spoiled ten year old boys who can't understand why they can't do anything they want. Kate O'Beirne saying she is a conservative is like watching the Pope impregnating a dog through he wrong hole.

America IS losing its soul and the Kate O'Beirne's of the world better start praying real hard to get their own souls back and start doing something about it...or risk eternal damnation and never-ending agony in the Pits of Hell for thier service to Powers of the Anti-Christ.

(And why is it if I talk like that..I would be described as a loony but when a Republican like Falwell, Roberts or Ashcroft does...all an American reporter can say is "un huh"?)

Note To Al are weak...which is why you guys won't win this election either.

Bullet Bullet Bullet