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posted Feb 18, 2006 at 04:19AM

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So Cheney goes quail hunting without a license and ends up shooting his buddy in the face. It is just such a perfect metaphor for US foreign policy. You would think that with the staff he carts around that getting some kind of temporary permit wouldn't prove a problem. But that is for mortals, not for "rulers of the universe". The neo-cons don't need warrants to spy on citizens, they don't need formal charges or due process to arrest a citizens, they don't need justification to overthrow democratically elected governments or to go to war.

Supposedly $100 billion dollars are going to be invested into Canada's oil sands. But that is over 20 years. Look at how much money has been pissed down the drain trying to controi Middle East supplies. You would think that such self-described champions of free enterprise would have gotten thier priorities straight.

But remeber this is a government that will allocate hundreds of millions of dollars for a bridge to service a couple of dozen people on a remote island, ( who are purposely trying to get away from it all) and take away money from maintaining a levee system that was protecting a whole major city.

Speaking of New Orleans, I had mentioned previously to expect the Iraqi reconstruction model to be followed. Hard to imagine that is now looking like an optimistic prediction. What is going on down there is more akin to a very antiseptic form of ethnic cleansing...brute force redistricting.

You would think the left wing of US politics would be gaining in popularity, but that is not the case. You just have to see thier craven, weak-kneed reaction to the cartoon issue to see why they can't get any traction.

Every one equates "left" with "liberal". But I can tell you, that as a liberal, there is nothing liberal about current left wing parties.

So if a man has to chose between nanny state busy-bodies and religious war-mongering fanatics, then no small percentage of men are going to say the hell with it....let's slit some throats.

The gold sector? Well I have no strong feeling about the near future. It can go either way. I guess "officially" my position is that the sector in a period of consolidation while it works off some more froth.

I think in due time that having gold in the portfolio will be a very handy thing to have.

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