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Letter to the Ottawa Senators on Tinkering Too Much
posted Dec 1, 2005 at 10:20PM

When you have a team based on talent and skill, it is death to overcoach and continuosly tinker. It is what killed us in the playoffs how many times running.

The line-up last night against the Bruins seemed almost purposely designed to suck all offensive synergy outside of the first line. For the first time an opposing team could concentrate on only the top line and not worry about anything else.

Get Vermette back up with Schaeffer. I really don't like all this language about Vermette being in the doghouse and Havlat having to play for his position when he gets back. Havlat is one of the best forwards in the league and Vermette is a season or two away from being the next Guy Lafleur.

We had enough of these stupid head games with Martin and Spezza. If Murray doesn't change his tack we will lose these two the same way we were going to lose Spezza if Martin wasn't fired.

The coaches should undertand who lost this was not the players..but the coaches themselves

Bullet Bullet Bullet