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Why Are The Senators No Longer Dominating?
posted Dec 15, 2005 at 10:08PM

To the Coaches and Management of the Ottawa Senators,

At some point Ottawa stopped dominating teams and having the clear edge in play. Even when Havlatt was serving his five game suspension, Ottawa, win or lose, was clearly the better team in each game they played. That all changed on the exact game that Varada was brought up from the fourth line. The chemistry of the second and third lines was reduced to that of journeymen. You should go back to the lines used during Havlatt's suspension.

If Varada's and/or his agent whines...send him to down to the minors.

Barring that make Kelly, Eaves and Vermette the third line. They all have great speed and CANNOT be outskated by anyone.


Emery is playing great. Bad bounces and no offensive support is the only way he loses games. This experience will pay dividends down the road.

Bullet Bullet Bullet