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When is Hooking Legal?
posted Dec 15, 2005 at 10:20PM

Good for Smolinski to mouth off at the refs. Fine, it cost an extra two minutes in the box, but that is peanuts compared to the hooking and holding commited against Ottawa which is not called. But let a Senator sneeze on an opponent, it's off to the box.

It looks a lot like the Old NHL. Refs managing games.

The Sens front office had better start putting a highlight reel together of the blatant non-calls and compare it to what gets called against Ottawa.

Let Eugene Melnyk present it to the NHL. They can't suspend him.

If Ottawa doesn't start making noise about uneven officiating, then we'll be dead in the playoffs when the same thing happens then. It's killing the Sens now, sucking the life out of the team's play, while the other side can free wheel, and hook and hold all they want.

No joke. Complain now and take a few fines, because it will be too late and fatal come playoffs time.

PS: The Senators needs to get a sound effect of a submarine "whoop, whoop" siren with a voice commanding "Dive, Dive." Play that at home everytime an opponent stumbles to the ice when a Sen touches him with a stick. You might want to start a fan jeer, "Two minutes for sneezing" too!

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