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Team Canada Plays It Safe
posted Dec 21, 2005 at 08:03PM

Amazing. Spezza and Staal on the taxi squad with journeyman like Draper, Doan and Smyth are on the main squad. It was amazing to hear the Gretzky apologists amongst the media go to work.

"Its a team You need a checking line. You need utility players. Draper will stabilize the situation"

Bullshit. You don't have to stabilize anything if you're putting the puck in the other guys net!

The only reason teams have "checking lines" in the NHL is because it is nearly impossible to get four talented scoring lines together at once. There is not enough talent and money to go around. So the guys that cannot score become your utility players and you hope they are good enough not to get scored on.

But this is Team CANADA. You don't want the Bob Gainey's. You want the Bobby Hull's and the Bobby Orr's. When the score is tied and Sweden puts Sundin, Alfredson, and Forsberg on the ice, who do you want to reply with? Doan, Draper and Smyth? ... or Heatly, Spezza and Staal?

Even McCabe (spit, spit) has one thing in common with Spezza and Stahl, in that he has more points this season than all but one or two players on Team Canada. When you think power-play, you think Spezza and Staal up front, with McCabe and his cannon on point. Draper? With his one goal? Smyth who is -1?

"Playing safe equals death" as the saying go. Thank God the U.S. don't have a strong team this year.

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