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Unhappy Senators Hang On To Win Over Islanders
posted Dec 23, 2005 at 09:48PM

The Senators exploited brutal goal-tending by scoring 3 goals on five shots in under 3 minutes. From that point on, the game was quite even. Emry put in another solid performance and in the end was the difference in the game. It was good to see to see Heatly get one of his patent laser beams to hit the mark. He has been snake-bitten of late and the Senators desperately need him to get his mojo back

It was a disturbing game in some respects. Do not be fooled by the win...this was not the dominant Ottawa Senators that pulverized the opposition in the first part of the season. Dean Roberts talked about how the Senators "managed" the third period, dumping the puck in and taking no chances...playing within a "game plan".

In other words they were laying back and stiting on thier lead allowing the opposition to press the attack. One understands now how we blew a three goal lead with the Canadians.

This a dramatic shift in philosophy when compared to the Senators at the beginning of the year. Remember then how Murray specifically spoke about not sitting on leads, but continuing to lay the pressure on. Remember in those days how so many Senators talked about "having fun" playing hockey.

Not now. There were no smiles as they left the ice in New York..but a haunted look in the eyes that said they won the game but something was not right and hasn't been right for awhile. There is definitely something going behind the scenes here. The last time I saw these kind of expressions on Ottawa faces, was when Martin was benching Spezza during the playoffs with Toronto.

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