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Carolina Pre-Game Thoughts
posted Dec 28, 2005 at 07:35PM

Just caught Murray's comments on the radio prior to the game. Complacency is the theme. We exploit two brutal goaltenders, and he thinks all is fine and well.

He spoke highly of Kelly, "He keeps his mouth shut and does what he is told." Could it be that Vermette told Murray to stick it?

Yes, Kelly is a good player. But no one noticed him until he got to play with Vermette. The two are very complementary because they are both very fast skaters.

Kelly has done nothing of note on the third line. Without Vermette, he has no one to pass to or take passes from. As I said, something has to be happening behind the scenes.

Vermette IS this year's Spezza, and it will hurt us when it counts the most.

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