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It Is Not Coincidence
posted Dec 28, 2005 at 10:44PM

Vermette gets a regular shift on the third line and the Sens return to pre Nov 30 form and thouroughly dismantle a very good Carolina Hurricane team.

This is not coincidence. As my wife pointed out to me, momentum is carried over shift to shift. When you have offensive talent on the third line the first and second have an immediate leg up and don't have to work to regain that momentum.

Momentum of course only increases in value in a playoff environment.

It should be obvious to all that Vermette, centering Kelly and Eaves would make for a very nice combination. Vermette's puck-handling and playmaking skills is what is required to get the most from Kelly's and Eaves' speed.

Vermette is a Havlatt in waiting -- give him his minutes.


Kelly did absolutely right in sticking up for his teammates. Kelly AND Vermette is what we want here, not one or the other. That is the same nonsense as last season when Vermette and Spezza were rotated, when it was obvious that you wanted both on the ice.

Bullet Bullet Bullet