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Some Interesting Statistics
posted Dec 29, 2005 at 03:19PM

Antoine Vermette has more goals than Smolinski and Schaeffer. He has one less than Neal. All this despite the fact that Vermette enjoys none of their advantages of regular ice time, power play time and quality of line mates. Can anyone really believe that Chris Neil can skate faster, handle the puck better or shoot harder than Vermette? Please.

There was a play in the Islander's game where Vermette broke in on the goalie from centre ice....even on his knees he was going faster than a lot of players in the league. (Of course he drew a penalty - nobody notices how many penalties he draws) This kind of skating dexterity is something you see from a Sydney Crosby..not a Chris Neil.

Everyone is yakking about Chris Kelly, but the fact is he has only 2 goals despite playing the same number of games as Vermette. Varada has one goal and gets more ice time.

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