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What Will The Senators Do Now?
posted Jan 4, 2006 at 01:32PM

With injuries, (Spezza, Alfie, and Havlat) we have the equivalent of one top line out of the equation. Those three obviously represent a good chunk of Ottawa's offensive power. Do we still have the goods to field a winning team? I thinks so, at least against the lowly Capitals.

Again, going on the philosophy that talent should be concentrated, these are the lines I would like to see

Smolinski, Heatley and Fisher

This becomes our top line.

Schaefer, Vermette and Kelly

Vermette and Kelly are a proven combination. As a line they will be unproven and Vermette will have to crank it up. But they will be fast, and they will be able to move the puck around and should get lots of chances.

Hamel, Eaves and Neil

Hamel is a proven NHL performer, with 100 plus games under his belt, including some in playoffs. Eaves can score and Neil has become a steady player. They will at least hold the line and my gut tells me they would provide secondary scoring, if Murray can get the right match-ups.

The fourth line is Varada, Schubert and Martins.

All three are good skaters, and should be able to keep the other side off the board. There is no scoring capability here though.

McGrattan is a scratch - Ottawa no longer has the luxury of carrying dead weight.

Bullet Bullet Bullet