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On to the Bruins
posted Jan 5, 2006 at 04:57AM

We got by the Capitals. With Washington so weak and our team so injury ridden, it is hard to make any conclusions. My first impressions of the Heatley, Smolinksi, Vermette combination during the Islanders game was, despite getting the winning goal, that they looked "disjointed."

The Washinton game did nothing to change my mind. I still think Fisher would be better on the top line. Heatley was trying to do it all by himself, crashing through multiple opponents even when he had help nearby.

Vermette has looked and played better with Kelly, and with Schaeffer who he played with at the beginning of the season.

Philips had a monster game, getting his first goal and pan-caking people.

It was good to see Martins. He always strikes me as being one of the quickest skaters on the ice. I have always wondered why he isn't a full time NHLer. From what I gather he needs to work on scoring.

The biggest thing was that Hasek looked no worse for wear, and was outstanding in several PK situations. Not that I want to get into anyone's nationalistic pride, but deep down I wish Hasek took the Olympics off. Wear and tear tends to accumulate, and the sore back may have been a shot across the bow. We definitely want a fresh Hasek come playoff time.

The Bruins will be a bigger test. Given that our period of dominance first faltered when we got shut out 3-0 by these guys, this game should be interesting. Winning with our depleted line-up, would be a big one.

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