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Senators 7, Coyotes 2
posted Jan 10, 2006 at 10:46PM

Alfredson for MVP? I think so. It was like watching a whole different team. Everyone was flying, especially Fisher. If he can keep his shot bore-sighted, he has the capacity to become a 40+ goal scorer. Schoubert was plastering people left and right and hopefully the groin injury is just a minor one. McGrattan again had a better game. Vermette got lots of ice. He has got to start burying his chances and start using his straight-away speed when carrying the puck. He always wants to dipsy doodle the minute the puck touches his blade.

The big news was Alfredson, who looked like he hadn't missed a shift. I do feel confident that the bottom is in and that things should start looking up. With Spezza due to come back, things can only get better.

Watching the game we were wondering what was going through the mind of Gretzky. The Great One who made everything look so easy, now has to try to teach the unteachable to mere mortals: indeed they may as well been wearing cement shoes out there tonight.

Bullet Bullet Bullet