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Some Pre-Game Thoughts (San Jose)
posted Jan 12, 2006 at 05:23PM

San Jose will be a stronger team than Phoenix so we will get a better idea of where things stand. Bad news is Spezza will not be returning tonight. Good news is that Bochenski will be back. Better news is the Sun reports that he will be playing with Vermette. Bad news is he is replacing Schubert. Hopefully this is only because Schubert is still injured and not being replaced.

McGrattan's play has improved but a Bochenski-Vermette-Schubert line-up definitely has that crtical mass of quality to surprise people to the upside.

I must admit, I am still not as sold on Bochenski as a lot of other people are. But he does have a laser for a shot and if Vermette can get him the puck, good things will follow.

Bullet Bullet Bullet