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Not What You Think - Senators 6, Wild 1
posted Jan 16, 2006 at 10:46PM

Our coach was better than their coach and that isn't saying a lot. Lemaire's Wild gave new meaning to the term "safe=death" as Minnesota arguably proved to be the most inept team we have faced this year. Taking advantage of the many powerplays and giveaways the Senators won 6-1 in almost workmanship fashion. I don't believe I have ever witnessed fourteen thousand people make so little noise for so long.

It is not the kind of game to make any firm declarations, but people will. The third line finally got some points, capitalizing on brutal give aways from Minnesota defencemen and goalies. This had the Sportsnet color commentator absolutely cooing. He has been waxing ecstatic over this trio for the previous nineteen games even though they have done zilch offensively and finally on the twentieth, reality, for one lucky bounce period, actually fit the rhetoric.

He called them the Senator's "top line". And you know what is scary? He was right. That means that Brian Murray's conversion of one of the most dominating, exciting teams of the league, into an honest "hard-working" lunch bucket team, is now complete.

Lunch bucket teams don't go too far in the play-offs though.

Everybody will be saying that all is well. I am telling you that things are not well. Not well at all.

Bullet Bullet Bullet