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Knocking Toronto Off The Bubble
posted Jan 20, 2006 at 07:40PM

As I write the Maple Leafs (spit, spit) are clinging to the eigth and final playoff spot. Hot on their heels are the defending Cup champs, Tampa Bay. Surely the Lightning have the horses, and if they get their act together they should be able to jump over the Leafs. Atlanta and New Jersey are now starting to play up to thier potential and should be able to keep from dropping back.

The Senators can certainly help, given that they have the Leafs in back to back home games. The last two games have been real trouncings, and the Leafs have not been playing well. Their lack of defensive depth, and shakier goaltending, and the crack-down on "clutch and grab" are proving to be insurmountable obstacles.

The Sens are not in peak form, but at all times during the regular season they have shown the ability to exploit weak defencemen and shaky goalies.

Two victories is the tactical goal. Strategically what we want is for the Leafs to miss the playoffs. Can you imagine the national (cum local Toronto) media if the Senators are the only Eastern Conference Canadian team in the playoffs?

That would be exquisite. And then to top it off with a Cup victory? I am not sure if that is in the "better than sex" category, but it sure would make it sweeter!

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