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Stick a Fork in Them: Senators 7, Leafs 0
posted Jan 21, 2006 at 10:23PM

Spezza, Heatley, Alfredson and Fisher were men playing against boys, and the result was a relaxing 7-0 romp over a Leafs team that would not look out of place in the AHL right now.

The top line showed why they are the "top" line and hopefully there will be no more experimentation with this trio. As for the rest? Well I still don't think we are putting out the best team that we can. Vermette and Eaves are good young promising speedsters, but they are not top six forwards. At least not yet, and not when you have Schaeffer and Fisher.

I am still of the mind that if you paired Vermette with Kelly and Varada with Smolinksi all four would be the happier for it.

Another big problem is McGrattan. Because of him, the two players that get the short end of the stick, and put on the fourth line, get relegated to a wasteland. Today that was Kelly and Varada Remember we still have to make room for Bochenski.

Replace McGrattan with Bochenski, Hamel or even Martins, and suddenly all kinds of options open up. We are no longer a team that has a "fourth line"; but instead a team with four lines.

The semantics may seem subtle but the difference on the ice, and in the dressing room, are immense.

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