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Senators 4, Leafs 3
posted Jan 25, 2006 at 02:38AM

Belfour was better, and the Leafs got some typical garbage goals to make it nerve wracking by the end. It is too bad we could not have slaughtered them again. You could sense that this was an organization that was on the verge of imploding...and now they have "hope". One thing for the Leafs, it does not take much for them to see the glass as half-full.

I keep trying to think up of some ways that they can keep Leafs fans out of the building...but nothing within the realm of legality comes to mind

All the forward lines seemed to be playing well. It was nice to see the newly formed Vermett Smolinksi Eaves line start passing to each other. They were rewarded with a nice goal which ended up being the game winner.

Due to shifting players on the powerplay one did get a glimpse of Vermette,Kelly and Eaves (my proposed "kid line" line would look like. You can't make big judgements on just two shifts, but they certainly had a lot of zip while out there.

I can't see it happening thought. Where would he put Smolinksi? He wouldn't want to break up the second line, and you can't have him on the fourth with McGrattan.

Basically McGrattan is getting benched with Kelly and Varada getting a regular turn with rotating top six forwards. So that is working OK.

Hopefully Murray will leave these line alone awhile and let people get used to each other.

The Ottawa media spin meister should be cooking Quinn over a public slow fire over his comments on Varada. Quinn has always played these public head games with the referees, and it pays dividends in the playoffs where the Leafs always seem to get their "fair advantage" when it comes to officiating.

They need to completely discredit him in an equally public fashion.

The only other item that comes to mind is Emery. Have they lost all confidence in him?.. At some point they are going to have let him get back on that horse.

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