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Now We're Talking, Sens 3, Habs 0
posted Jan 26, 2006 at 10:28PM

The Senators are more and more looking like their pre Nov 30 selves. We now have three lines that can apply pressure, and there is precious little respite for the opposing team. The Senators outshot the Habs 40-12 and that included a lot of coasting in the third period.

I don't know if any one else notices because I am hyper-aware, but my proposed "kid line" was together for about 45 seconds tonight. They got four or five shots in that time period and were just flying. I have little doubt that Kelly would love the idea of playing with Vermette and Eaves.

There is talk of Havlat coming back in mid-March. It makes sense to put him with Fisher and Schaefer, giving us a second "super-line". Then you can have Smolinki centering Varada and Neil. Smolinski and Neil have paired up quite a bit, and they play well together.

That leaves the Kid line. Who is third or fourth line doesn't really matter because now you have four lines that you can roll, and nary a weakness in the whole lot.

I guess the only thing I would like to see is a bit more hitting. It's been awhile since Volchenkov has "A-trained" somebody. As well Chara has to establish in front of the referres that he is allowed to hit people as hard as he can, without getting a penalty.

Big body checks are big momentum builders, and the playoffs is as much about momentum as they are about scoring goals.

Bullet Bullet Bullet