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Who Is Da Man?
posted Jan 29, 2006 at 02:14AM

So guess who is the fastest skater, on the fastest most offensive club in the NHL? Yup, my unintentional but totally enthusiastic "cause celebre" - Antoinne Vermette.

When you look up this guy's stats in the AHL and with Victoriaville, you really start to understand how ludricous it was to have this guy relegated on the fourth line for half the season. A "utility player"? Oh please. Remember when Havlatt came back from his suspension? The put him on a line centered by Vermette and with Schaeffer. Can you say speed?

Of course one hears Vermette's name come up a lot in trade rumours, especially for Weight. Ever notice how that comes from the same source as the rumours about trading Havlatt during his suspension? What I am talking about is Toronto based, and Toronto biased media. Thier "advice" on how to improve the Senators should be taken with the perverbial bucket of salt. More on the myths and agenda of Toronto and local media in the days to come.

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