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Bruins Loot Bank - Boston 5, Ottawa 0
posted Jan 30, 2006 at 10:41PM

A frequent refrain I heard over the weak stretch in December and January, was that "even good teams lose.". I didn't really buy it then, feeling there was something more fundamental going on. There is always a desire to point fingers when apparently getting blown out 5-0 at home, but the fact is that sometimes even good teams lose games. The stench of bad karma permeated the entire contest this evening.

Our forwards played fine I thought. I mean they generated 44 shots and that doesn't include all the ones that were blocked or just missed high. It wasn't just the shots. They generated lots of good chances but Lady Luck had all but built a wall of invisible bricks in front of the Bruins net. OK, their goalie was hot, but pleeeeasse ... dont't tell me there weren't higher forces at work here.

This game will not list high in the memory banks of Chara and Phillips who were a combined -7, and not by coincidence. For Chara it was a casing of continually zigging while the puck was zagging. Philips just had an uncharacteristically bad game. He gave the puck away on their first goal, got caught pinching on another. He might as well have been wearing blinders when trying to find an open man to head-man the puck.

If the purpose of this game was to get Emery's confidence back then that objective was not met. I would say only one goal was of the weak variety. At the same time only one of their goals was truly unstoppable. The "big save" was not there.

As well we certainly did not get our fair advantage when it came to officiating. I know. I know. Blaming the refs is as old as the hills. But you can tell when the refs want to screw with the Senators. It is not what they call, but what they don't. In the first period I counted at least four incidents where charging Senator forwards were literally clothes-hanged and steer-wrestled to the ground with nary an uplifted arm to be seen.

On the plus side the Vermette-Smolinski-Eaves line look to be getting better with every game. Smolinski could have had a hat trick given his opportunities. They had the clear edge in play every time they were on the ice, and allowed no goals against. They just have to start burying their chances

I guess the biggest disappointment was with Emery who allowed 5 goals on 24 shots. I must admit one of my big "assumptions" for this season, was that Emery would be solid. In fact I thought he might be the real goal-tending "surprise" of the year. For a while it looked quite good, but after his last three appearances, one has to formally put a question mark on our back-up goalie status. Emery has got to get his A-game back quickly, or he might find himself back in Binghamton for some rehab.

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