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Pre-Penquins Potpourri
posted Feb 2, 2006 at 04:37PM

Semantics....bad defense is when we don't play well when the other team has the puck. When we give the puck away through bad passes or by being pick-pocketed we are talking about poor offensive execution. The Mask...Tyson was a man who had the world in his hands but proved to a babbling idiot and lost it all. Joe Louis, Chuvalo, Ali, Frasier, Ray Leonard...hell almost anyone else would be better. Coach replacement. Ted Nolan is available and is the right fit. He took a one goalie team to the finals. More importantly he had the Sabres playing like a band of brothers, a cult - he knows how to draw on the emotional instincts of men in a competitive environment. You can't teach that. Of course it won't happen. Muckler is still sore about Olan diddling his daughter or whatever. You are too old for this Muckler...get over it and pull the trigger. Spezza Backlash? I cannot believe the forums reaction to Spezza i.e. to bench him or trade him. These kind of head games satisfy only infantile instincts. Spezza is one of the league's top scorers and this is only his first true full season. For tonight's game? Well there is always the novelty of seeing what combinations are going to be used. Sheer number theory suggests that it only a matter of time before he tries the "kid" line of Vermette between Kelly and Eaves. It is true our defencemen have not been playing up to par....I can't see that lasting too long. A thought. At least we are not peaking too early. A scary thought. We peaked on Nov 30.

In the end I just hope everyone plays well tonight.

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