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The Peasants Win, Sabres 2, Senators 1, (SOL)
posted Feb 4, 2006 at 10:59PM

This is a classic example of what happens when the empire fights the peasants on the peasants own terms; i.e. the peasants take the day.

It really is amazing how much things have changed. In the pre-game show Dean Brown was talking about how Ottawa had to play a physical game; how Ottawa did not want to get into a run and gun game: how the Senators could not match the Sabres speed. The Sabres?!! You mean the same team that we absolutely clobbered the last three times we played them?

Ah yes, but that was before 30 Nov (see again "The Tale of Two Teams")

Consider the view from the Sabre's side, in this excerpt from an article by Don Brennan of the Ottawa Sun done before the game

Like the Senators, the Sabres are a fine skating team that has benefitted from the crackdown on hooking and holding in the NHL. Asked if they would try and keep step for step with Ottawa tonight, Campbell shook his head.

"We did that before and it didn't work," he said. "We have a good skating club, but our game plan isn't to run and gun. We have to take care of our own end."

In other words Murray played right into their hands.

In the previous three games the peasants were forced to fight the empire on the empire's terms and like has happened so many times throughout history, the peasants got massacred.

When you have players like Spezza, Alfredson, Heatley, Schaeffer, Fisher, Vermette, Eaves and Kelly, you want very much for the game to be run and gun. It is our defencemen who you want to do the big hitting. Let the hitting war be waged by the likes of Chara, and Philips and Volchenkov. Who said professional hockey was about being fair? It is all about exploiting your team's strengths and the other teams weaknesses.

Since Nov 30 Murray has had it all ass backwards, minimizing/diluting our strengths and playing into the other teams strengths. Since Nov 30 we have not played with three offensively capable lines: not because we don't have the horses, but because of self-inflicted wounds.

Here is a simple factoid. Varada with 4 goals had more even-ice time than Vermette and Eaves (22 goals) combined!

Like I said Murray has to go, or we have to have Melnyk or Muckler force feed him the line combinations.

Bullet Bullet Bullet