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No Pizza, But Still, Senators 5, Penguins 2
posted Feb 7, 2006 at 01:28AM

This victory was against the weakest team in the league but two points are two points. Emery got into a game without getting shelled and that is good. He looked shaky at first, but to my untrained eyes looked stronger and more at ease as the game went on. I am still of the mind that he should be spending his Olympic break down in Binghampton getting more game time in.

People got a glimpse of what a fourth line would be like without McGrattan. What Martens brings that McGrattan doesn't is speed and some semblance of puck handling skills. With Schoubert laying the body and Vermette playing another strong game, they contributed two goals and were very strong on every shift, especially in the first two periods.

I had to roll my eyes when Murray started Spezza line third, behind the Kelly line. What stroke of genius was this? More psy-ops? It didn't work. Although they played well they didn't score a goal. They are our top line and should be treated as such. When the game starts they should be the ones on the ice. When the game is on the line, these are they guys you want on the ice..

As expected the third line contributed nothing. They have done nothing for all but one of the twenty plus games they have been together. The brutal truth is that we cannot go far into the playoffs with a non-producing third line. The Senator's whole slide into "grinder" mediocrity started the day Murray promoted Varada, and demoted Vermette.

Vermette is getting harder and harder to ignore now even to the casual observer. As good as the fourth line was today, putting Vermette between Kelly and Eaves would make for a real third line. We need to call up some or all of Bochenski, Hamel and/or Martens so that we can have a real fourth line as well.

Schaeffer potted a few, making this one of the few victories, where secondary scoring provided all the offence.

Kelly really got his bell rung out there in a violent collision. Hopefully that is all there is to it and there will be no signs of a concussion.

The game with the Rangers will be more telling. On the whole though, they looked better this game than the previous one in Pittsburgh.

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