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Despite Murray We Are Going To Smoke The Rangers
posted Feb 8, 2006 at 04:01PM

One of the features of the dominant Senators of the early part of the season was putting three consecutive lines on the ice which had speed. Speed is the most reliable skill as long as players are motivated and not too hurt.

From my pre-reading it seems the third line Varada-Kelly-Eaves retains its sacred cow status, so no joy there.

But Fisher, coming off the flu, looks to be replacing Martins on the fourth line. (Eyes roll again) Vermette and Fisher are among the two fastest skaters in the league. Schubert will hate me for saying this, but he makes a better power forward than a defenceman. This could prove to be a potent combination.

From them we will go to the top line. Spezza, Heatley and Alfredson can be counted on to ignore Murray's admonitions to become a dump and chase line (reference today's Ottawa's Sun) and simply keep doing what made them the best line in hockey. And then we get Smolinski, Schaeffer and Neil.

Ok not as good as could be, but we do get three lines capable of offense playing in sequence. This give us the capability to sustain constant offensive pressure.

The Rangers are toast!

Bullet Bullet Bullet